Sunday, August 04, 2019

5G will be relatively safe for your health, experts say

As 5G approaches, I thought it would be time to look at the controversy over purported 5G health risks.

CNBC, in a video by Second Thought, 2 months ago, says, don’t worry.

The report indicates that WHO and CDC give 5G (with download speeds about 60 times 4G for movies) a 2b rating, which indicates very low risk.

Microwave radiation has to be orders of magnitude stronger to represent a cancer risk. Sun is a much bigger risk.

It’s interesting that even EMP pulse doesn’t harm human tissue, just electronics and transformers.
China is ahead of us on 5G, way ahead, so Huawei still provides controversy (which ThioJoe has made fun of already), and we’ll come back to it (there is a “national emergency” keeping us from using them).
The other question might be, with loss of net neutrality, could carriers play games with 5G, and not allow “ordinary” websites to be accessed with it?