Wednesday, April 03, 2019

House subcommittee moves on Save the Internet Act, and recognizes need to "connect the dots"

EFF’s Katharine Trendacosta reports on March 26 on the crucial 18-11 victory in a House committee vote on the Save the Internet Act.

But what’s remarkable about this article is that finally writers and members of Congress are starting to connect the dots – that activism over one law (or reversing bad policy by the administration) won’t fix all the other problems, like privacy, overreaction to harmful content, and the effect that Europe’s recent copyright law could have here.

Update: April 10

EFF reports that the House passed the Save the Internet Act.  There had been rumors it might not happen.  The Senate is said to be unwilling to pass it. 

"The Juice" on Twitter offers this video ad about the "shitternet" featuring Alex Jones.

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