Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Telecoms make a canard out of emergency services

On Feb. 7, Katherine Trendacosta explains for Electronic Frontier Foundation, that the telecom industry’s claim for prioritization for emergency services would not be limited by net neutrality rules.  Only prioritization that increases revenue absent some specific public benefit is prohibited. 
Howard Schultz, in the CNN town hall last night, presented rural broadband as a “right” comparable to rural electrification in the past.

Saturday, February 09, 2019

In latest hearings, GOP "pretends" to be interested in some sort of net neutrality

FFTF issued a press release claiming that telecom “shills” are pressing for more modest regulation that would be deceptive, but put another way, that could mean that they see some regulation as inevitable. 

Business Insider reports that some major streaming services reported slowdowns by late 2018, story here. 

Makena Kelly of the Verge argues that the hearings earlier this week showed a partisan divide, but that Republicans don’t believe telecoms should throttle or slow content arbitrarily.  The GOP could be aware that telecoms could come under political pressure from the extreme Left the way payment processors have recently.
CNET has a more detailed story by Marguerite Reardon but the debate still seems ambiguous. 

Friday, February 01, 2019

Oral arguments in lawsuit against FCC over net neutrality repeal to be heard today

FFTF informs everyone be email today that oral arguments in a lawsuit against the FCC, which has reopened after the partial shutdown. 

The DC Circuit denied a delay in hearing oral arguments. 

CNET has a detailed story today by Marguerite Reardon.

On Multichannel John Eggeronm has a similar story.

Update: Feb. 4

Elliot Harmon, Ernesto Falcon, Erica Portnoy, and Bennett Cyphers discuss the oral arguments for Electronic Frontier Foundation here.

Back in 2016 Blogtyrant (who has since sold the company) referred to reversal of net neutrality in the US as the biggest threat to blogging careers.  It hasn't really turned out that way.  Other problems are more menacing. That's why I can't get behind just one group on one issue (FFTF).