Saturday, January 05, 2019

FFTF starts 2019 by closing out the record on the CRA

Fight for the Future is still at it, with a story in its website on January 2, 2019 – and that’s the trouble, its one day, as Wikipedia would say, “TOOSOON”.  But not enough members of the old Congress had signed the petition on the Congressional Review Act to undo Ajit Pai’s repeal of network neutrality. 

The trouble with working with an organization like this, is that their focus is too narrow. The “repeal” of network neutrality has not proved to be as threatening to Internet freedom as a lot of other issues: FOSTA (one of the worst), the Facebook fake news scandals, the European Union copyright directives (which can affect us in the US eventually) and most recently, clandestine behavior by payment processors banning doing business with persons whom they may incorrectly believe are part of the “alt right”.

But that is how activism is done, by non-profits representing special interests.  And there is more pressure now form platforms even like Facebook to raise money for them.