Friday, December 14, 2018

Major Medium essay on the loss of net neutrality

Gigi Sohn, from Georgetown University, has recently also joined Electronic Frontier Foundation and has an article on Medium regarding the results of suspending network neutrality protections by the FCC finally last June, here. She discusses the throttling by Verizon of emergency services during the wildfires in California, and argues that a few throttling events have happened to try to goad consumers away from local grids.
FFTF has a posting today on members of Congress who took money from telecoms.

 We need also to remain aware of the possibility that activists (especially the SJW on the far left) could pressure telecoms to disconnect the websites of those persons or parties believed to be "connected" somehow  (even merely by appearance or association or code words) to the alt-right. How long will it take for this idea to catch on? 

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