Tuesday, November 06, 2018

FFTF promises lame duck session activism to force discharge petition, regardless of today's election results

Fight for the Future (FFTF) does have a significant Medium account and blog, to which it posted today, saying it will fight to execute a discharge petition in the House by mid December regardless of the outcome of today’s elections. 
However it is apparent that if the Democrats take at least the House, the next Congress would be more favorable to reversing Ajit Pai’s action than is the current one.
FFTF still has its crowdfunding page, linked on the blog post.
The Washington Post, on Monday, in an editorial linked in Monday’s “Bill on Major Issues” post, compared the behavior of tech companies in removing some offensive sites from access to domain name registrar and hosting, to what net neutrality claims it wants to prevent.  That’s interesting. The activism on the far Left against hate speech could be applied to telecoms to deny connection to some sites if net neutrality were not restored.

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