Monday, October 01, 2018

DOJ announces suit against California over state net neutrality law

Here’s a one-two punch.

First, California finally passes and Gov. Jerry Brown signs the nation’s toughest network neutrality law, as Heather Kelly reports on CNN.  

The bill seems particularly strict on ideas like zero-rated data usage for services owned by the telecom.

But telecom providers want uniform federal law, they say.

So, as The Switch Blog on the Washington Post, in a story by Brian Fung and Tony Romm report, the "Trumpist" United States Department of Justice announced late Sunday night that it would sue the state of California, claiming that Congress had given only the FCC the authority to hold a lever on net neutrality laws.

Electronic Frontier Foundation has some detailed analysis by Ernesto Falcon on how the DC Circuit will play a critical role, here
I expect I’ll see emails from FTFF on this one.

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