Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Kavanaugh has a bizarre way of applying the First Amendment to telecoms, undermining net neutrality

I’ll pass along “Fight for the Future” group’s emergency link  and let the visitor decide.

The group FTFF writes about Brett Kavanaugh’s views on network neutrality, which it says are a misinterpretation of the First Amendment. “ ISPs are like newspaper editors, empowered to decide what speech is suitable to share and what isn’t. This, simply put, is nuts. It’s like saying the electric utility can decide what we can plug in and what we can’t.”  I think he is comparing a telecom to a cable service that just doesn’t carry all possible channels.  (Comcast doesn’t carry OANN, for example, and I’ve brought this up with both companies.  But there is a difference between cable service and Internet/web access.   Kavanaugh does allow the idea of regulation telecoms that have no competition in their service areas. 

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