Monday, June 11, 2018

Net neutrality has ended officially; Washington Post runs scare headline like a false flag, with story details that don't support the anxiety

Tony Romm has an eye-catching headline on the lower front page of the Monday Washington Post (June 11), making it look like a Sunday paper. It reads as “The Web as you know it may soon be altered”.

Online the title is more pertinent, in the Business Section, “Goodbye to Net Neutrality, Hello to an even bigger ATT”?  Link (paywall) is here

But the article itself says “For now, companies like ATT, Comcast and Verizon have said they would not block or throttle Web access or charge more for faster delivery of online content.”

And Tuesday, a federal judge will decide if ATT can buy Time Warner.  Yet, ATT insists it has no economic incentive to hinder consumer access to remaining competitors, either on cable or on the Web.

So far, as of 10:30 AM EDT June 11, everything works normally. 

I think there are strategic threats to individualized web operations like mine, but they come from the political climate, with is reacting to past extreme capitalism by trying to force solidarity among even future constituents of oppressed “groups”, by threatening individual speech. FOSTA is more serious than net neutrality; curiously the EU Copyright Directive could have big indirect effects here, and there are even other strategic threats regarding insurability and liability exposure that no one has discussed yet but that I am aware of from my own past.  Stay tuned.
Activist groups like EFF need to attack these problems in combination, not “hands separately” like this was beginning piano lessons.

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