Wednesday, June 13, 2018

David Hogg ties net neutrality end to voter right suppression; EFF paper could mean this can make sense

The Washington Times reports that David Hogg has invented a conspiracy theory claiming that the repeal of net neutrality will empower large telecom companies to deny minority groups web presence to suppress the right to vote. Here is the story by Victor Morton.

But here is Hogg’s tweet. He could be reacting to the Ohio SCOTUS ruling (Issues blog). 

On the other hand, Electronic Frontier Foundation has a critical article by Ernesto Falcon June 12 critical of ATT attempts to create zero-rating service for low-income consumers that would allow Internet access on one device only.  It’s possible that Hogg’s comments (which appear out of context otherwise) are an elaboration of this story.  People who are otherwise illiterate and who cannot afford access to information simply won’t try to vote.  That makes sense.  But this is a bit of what went on in the South in 1964 (when three civil rights workers were murdered in Mississippi).
These plans do exist overseas in some countries with weaker regulation, like Portugal.

Update: June 15

Here is my WP writeup on Ajit Pai's briefing at Cato Wednesday. 

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