Thursday, June 21, 2018

California net neutrality gutted by lobbyists, would even allow telecoms to charge publishers for connection

In a rather disturbing development, Electronic Frontier Foundation reports that lobbyists have gutted the supposed California net neutrality bill, according to a story by Ernesto Falcon 

The changes not only allow some paid prioritization (which is OK in limited circumstances for really special uses) and zero-rating (which is OK if limited) but the possibility of connection charges to websites (probably managed through hosting companies).
Wired has a similar story, here

But none of the major telecoms have actually tried to do this and all say they still don’t block or prioritize content.

Jon Brodkin had written in Ars Technica that Comcast wants paid prioritization to be allowed for “specialized services” (like medical emergencies, and example often given by Pai). 

Update: Sunday, July 8, 2018

California has restored the provisions banning charging websites fees, according to a SFGate story, here.

EFF story is here

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