Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Pro net neutrality activist group wants to use your website, or get you to hand deliver messages

A group “Fight for the Future”, which I have mentioned here before, is encouraging supporters to place red alerts on their own social media pages (Facebook) and personal web pages. Here is their "Red Alert" link if you want to see it. 

I don’t do this with my own sites because I want to behave like a “journalist”, so I say, with some irony given the issue, that I want to behave publicly with some irony.  But that could be one reason why activists have a love-hate relationship with journalists, who can’t “join up” by definition.

The group has also encouraged mass calling of legislators and even hand delivering letters (bicycle messengers, sometimes with legs shaved, do that).
I'm generally reluctant to spend my own "lobbying capital" on just one issue just because I could get hurt by it.  But maybe getting hurt means out for the season and career Tommy John surgery. 

Note the Senate vote coming up the middle of this month.

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