Thursday, May 10, 2018

FCC says new rules replacing "net neutrality" will take effect Monday June 11

Reuters is reporting that the FCC has announced that the “new rules” effectively repealing network neutrality will take effect on Monday June 11, 2018 – allowing time for the OMB review.
Reuters also writes that major telecom providers have said they will not block lawful content.

The Senate could vacate the FCC action by a vote that could happen next week.
Medium and FFTF wrote their own account here   Medium admits that no changes would happen immediately, but that users would notice fewer startups.  (There could be other reasons, like FOSTA/SESTA.)

On Pai’s video above, go to 6:46. 
The rules would require telecom providers to announce any changes.
Cox (my provider at home) is not mentioned in the Reuters article but here is their own commitment statement from the end of 2017.
But Cox did announce price increases on some specificservices in January.

Update: May 11

Electronic Frontier Foundation's action article is here

May 14:

I can't find a statement from Verizon yet, but there were some issues with Netflix and YouTube in the summer of 2017,. Ars Technica here

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