Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Open DNS could provide workarounds for net neutrality loss if the "worst" were really to happen

I haven’t heard any more big news on holding up net neutrality repeal, but I also haven’t heard of any plans by telecoms to change anything (and even the new environment requires announcement and transparency).
But Ars technical referred back to its rather pessimistic December 2017 article, and recommends some OpenDNS tools, as run by Cloudflare, to stop any telecom sniffing, article by Sean Gallagher here.  Apparently there are ways around throttling, too, if it ever happens (although Cloudflare has in at least one case refused at least one controversial customer, Daily Stormer).
OpenDNS is permissible with some telecoms, not others.  It can also provide a useful tool for an Airbnb host to shield himself from any misbehavior online by guests. 

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