Monday, November 20, 2017

FCC votes on ending Obama's net neutrality rules and "telecomm" legal classification on Dec. 14

While at the airport this morning, I got an email from “Fight for the Future” advising that the Net Neutrality vote will occur December 14, 2017 at the FCC.  The group’s basic link is here

The link has the usual talk of ISP’s cutting off websites that don’t pay them off, and the like.
I generally don’t join telethons to flood Congress, because when it reaches that stage it’s too late. The hyperbole rarely works with me.

But I’ll do another round of investigating what is really likely to happen.

FRFF gives Bloomberg’s speculative article, but there is a lot more to say. it   It does seem true that the FTC would have less power than the FCC to enforce actions against possible abuse because the FTC can’t make policy;  it has to follow Congress. 

Ajit Pai has also won a vote to cut back a Reagan-era plan to help the destitute with phone service, ThinkProgress report here

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Pai stays on as FCC Chairman, even as controversy over his policies on ending net neutrality continues

The Senate has approved Trump’s request to extend Ajit Pai’s term as chairman of the FCC, which otherwise would have ended in 2017.

Jon Brodkin has a detailed story (Oct. 2) in Ars Technica here.
Pai has been criticized for rolling back information transparency on services for lower income and rural consumers.  Pai’s critics still fear that reducing net neutrality rules could some day result in making it harder for small businesses to be connected to the web, even though industry trade groups deny that this would happen