Saturday, October 28, 2017

House Energy and Commerce Committee starts hearings on FCC oversight

I’m checking to see what Congress, specifically, the House Energy and Commerce Committee, is hearing on the network neutrality issue.

There was to be a hearing Sept. 7 which was postponed.

I see a hearing on Oct. 11 about the overhaul of the Communications Act of 1934 (link ) and a 3 hour hearing Oct. 25 on oversight of the FCC, with Ajit Pai testifying heavily.

At 29, Mr. Pallone from NJ makes a broadbased remark about Trump’s desire to repeal network neutrality, followed by Mr. McNerey.  

At 1:58 Pai is asked about possible license recovation based on Trump’s comments on fake news. Pai says he stands by the First Amendment. Pai stood by the idea that the FCC cannot revoke a particular license based on content. There is a question as to a “culture of intimidation” based on silence from the FCC.  At around 2:30  Pai talks about diversity in the FCC and also talks about the need to improve medical response technology through broadband (which theoretically might have violated Obama net neutrality). 

I didn’t see any obvious talk about the past fears that publishers could have to pay off telecom companies to be connected, but I’ll check further into what this committee is doing in other hearings.

I did get an email Oct. 25 from “FightfortheFuture” and here is that group’s account . This seems overhyped and not very objective, and I usually don’t “pound Congress” with calls on special issues, because there are so many of them!  But I will keep an eye on this. 

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