Saturday, September 16, 2017

Domain names still seem like good business whatever FCC is doing right now

So, today on CNN, I saw a Godaddy ad to get a domain name for your website for 99 cents (it reminds me of Record Sales back in 1962).

But this is encouraging.  It implies that, despite the planned gutting of network neutrality, telcomm companies seem to have no intention now of demanding small businesses pay some kind of extortion to be connected.  

Monday, September 11, 2017

CNET article from 2014 may support Pai's position

Here’s an older CNET article, by Margaret Reardon, from May 2014, explaining in detail how connections between Netflix and Comcast work in order to actually stream full length movies efficiently.  

Up to a point, the article seems to reinforce Ajit Pai’s contention, that allowing large content providers to pay for preferred streaming connections for the benefit of end-user customer service should not threaten the connectivity of smaller businesses to the Internet.
There hasn’t been a lot of discussion about this issue in the past days because of so many bigger problems.