Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Most ISP's enforce data limits on users; could loosening net neutrality lead to larger data limits?

Jon Brodkin of Ars Technica reports that almost 200 ISP’s in the US still have data usage caps.  A few of them are very low (like 3GB) but not regularly enforced.  Larger ISP’s typically inforce 1TB to 3 TB.  Comcast usually allows 1 TB per month and charges $10 for each 50 GB afterward. But it is very unlikely that a typical home user would reach 1 TB, unless a large household doing binge watching, or some sort of heavy duty P2P.

Comcast allows guest accounts (encourages the practice for Airbnb) for security (xfinitywifi), which would arguably count against the limit.
It’s arguable (in Ait Pai’s thinking) that looser network neutrality could give some ISP’s a motive to up the data limits. 

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