Monday, May 01, 2017

New York Times questions Ajit Pai's plans for voluntary compliance in a strong editorial

Let’s make note of the New York Times editorial Sunday, “The F.C.C. Invokes Internet Freedom While Trying to Kill It”.

The editorial points out that Pai’s “voluntary” compliance from telecom companies could be “enforced” by fines or litigation, but sounds facetious.  It also points out that ATT, Comcast, and Verizon are already treating the content of companies they own more favorably than those of competitors of non-affiliated providers.  That may refer to zero-rating, allowing subscribers free or preferred use of subsidiaries (as in the example involving DirectTV).

One could imagine a world where shared hosting companies have to negotiate with all the major telecom companies to give their clients faster speeds (or someday, access at all).

Update: May 3

Electronic Frontier Foundation also has a similar reaction by Corynne McSherry along with a petition, here.   That refers to an article on the Verge ("nonsense"?) that lays out the ways ISP's could play cat and mouse.  By the way, I've talked with Gigi Sohn before, back in the days of "don't ask don't tell".

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