Sunday, January 01, 2017

Telecomm companies contemplate life without net neutrality again

Russell Brandon has a detailed article in the Verge explaining why Congress is likely to “go easy” (Giuoco Piano or maybe “pianissimo”, by analogy to chess) on upending the FCC’s legal authority for network neutrality.   There is mention that providers are likely to be allowed to offer more of the “basic” services to low-end consumers without data charges, but that wouldn’t affect things a lot.

Karl Bode has an article in TechDirt from Nov. 9 that vaguely lays out ISP preparations for Trump’s probable gradual gutting of net neutrality.   Bode seems to think that without regulation, telecom companies have little incentive to meet competition and will tend to get away with weak or bad customer service.  Tech dirt has another article noting that European and Asian governments tend to see zero-rating as a strategy to eliminate competition.

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