Sunday, January 15, 2017

Even if Trump kills net neutrality, telecomm companies already committed by private agreements

The latest on Donald Trump and net neutrality seems to be an article Jan. 2 in Wired by Klint Finley, “This is the year Donald Trump kills net neutrality”.

But private contracts would require Comcast to honor it until 2018 and Charter until 2020+.

The biggest practical issue, according to Wired, is the interest in telecomm companies in offered “zero rated” services to consumers (no data charges) to content providers who negotiate big deals with them.  In the video streaming area, this encourages big companies to bully small ones out of existence, and seems monopolistic.  But for non-video content, or for consumers whose video use is more moderate, it probably doesn’t matter.  Zero-rating can help consumers living in large family households with only one connection.  It probably means very little to singles.

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