Sunday, October 16, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 problem: could this happen with other devices?

The FAA has taken draconian action against owners of all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, as this story on WJLA reports.People may have to abandon them to return home from flights.  Even replacement phones have been reported to smolder, so passengers bear the loss from the remote chances of incidents on aircraft.

I do wonder what would happen if some incident occurs with another smartphone, or with a laptop of some kind.  Can we be sure this cannot happen to any other models?

There simply is not an adequate infrastructure for travelers to rent computer and communications equipment on the road.

Back around 2000, I was content to travel with nothing, depending on occasional visits to Kinkos that I could find to stay wired.  I’d have to call a home number to check for messages.  That used to be good enough.  No more.

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