Thursday, August 18, 2016

Google's fiber-optic plans stall; wild grape vines can affect cable connection wires

Jack Nicas of the Wall Street Journal reports that “Google’s Fiber Plans Stall” in the August 15m 2016 front page for the paper, link .

Google’s holding company, Alphabet, officially uses Google Fiber as its own internet provider. Google is starting to ask cities or communities to build their own networks using its technology.

There is still an advantage to being able to get video quality broadband wirelessly, without building a bricks and mortar infrastructure at all, but data plans resist this.
Recently, I had an episode of pixilation on my cable TV (not Internet) and found that outside some wild grape had attached itself to my cable line and could pull it with wind.  Cutting it off seemed to fix the problem.

Monday, August 08, 2016

Rural electric cooperatives take the lead in proving broadband web in remote areas

Jim Kerstetter and Cecilia Kang explain in the New York Times how rural electric cooperatives have taken the lead in proving broadband Internet to the most rural remote areas, link here.

The script follows the way things worked during the New Deal.
Will this help when I travel in West Virginia?  On my most recent trip, I could get Extended 1X in some places on my Verizon – but somehow the last time, the web worked on 1X.