Sunday, July 24, 2016

Verizon will collar its remaining "unlimited data" customers

Verizon will cut off some remaining unlimited data customers if they don’t tone down by the end of August.  If users with suspended accounts don’t sign on for a new plan, they will be terminated.  Ars Technica has the story by Jon Brodki   and PC World elaborates here.

Heavy users want the gaming (Pokemon) and movie streaming without the vulnerability (like to storms) of over-ground hard wired connections.

But it’s like asking why CNN Go doesn’t stream everything.

Many newer web hosting services offer “unlimited bandwidth” but sill test for “reasonableness” (to stop DDOS, too).

By the way, I still find Verizon has very limited service in West Virginia, although “Extended 1X” works in some places.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Cell phone reception "casualty" sign in the North Carolina Blue Ridge

Driving into Blowing Rock NC , on the east side of US 221, there’s a little antique (and used books) store with an interesting sign outside about cell phone reception as well as GPS and WiFi.  You can get Verizon LTE inside the store and for part of the parking lot, but not 200 feet away, apparently.  Towers are nearby.  The only explanation would be mountain topography.