Sunday, April 10, 2016

Internet has become a necessary utility, and you need dependable infrastructure, and control of your neighbors

Here’s an important part of network neutrality, in practice:  it’s called stable infrastructure.
If you live in a home in a suburb with older above-ground power and cable connections, you need to have it built resilient enough to withstand severe storms.  Trees left too close to power lines and homes are a big problem.  You can’t control what neighbors do, and there have been cases where companies have refused to repair cable service until a neighbor’s tree was removed, which the homeowner has no control over.  A home renter has even less control.
That’s while wireless has a big advantage – it can’t be blown down.  But then you run into the data limits.
We aren’t quite to the point that we treat Internet service as a necessary utility rather than a persona luxury.

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