Saturday, March 26, 2016

Netflix takes steps to deal with Verizon, ATT data limits, creating controversy

Netflix admits that it is slowing down speeds for some customers of Verizon and ATT, to help them deal with data limits.  Brian Fung has the story with video in the Washington Post, p A12, Saturday March 26, 2016.  Ironically, Netlifx has already pressured Verizon to do something about this.  Fung’s video explains that your connection needs a minimum speed for Netlfix to work at all.  Netflix will add some new tools in May for consumers to manage data use.

The most generous data plan offered by Verizon is just 8 GB a month.  That would probably allow the viewing about ten typical films in SD.  

I’m not much for watching movies on cell phones, but it is a problem that land-based hard-wired cable connections go down more often than wireless, and are harder to repair after damage (storms).  It would be great if unlimited data were more widely available without physical connections  I can’t speak to FIOS or to the Dish, but in general with Xfinity there are some problems with maintaining quality connections all the time, even though there are effectively almost no limits.

Others have reported problems with accessing Netflix on Verizon FIOS.

Recently, I’ve had a problem with Google products on Xfininty, stalling out wit Protocol (checksum) errors.  That seems to have been resolved now.  To measure Xfinity connection speed , it seems that you need the latest version of Flash, and that works better for me on the Mac (Safari) than on Windows;  I don’t know why.

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