Saturday, December 19, 2015

Comcast to customers: No, "It's NOT Free"

Ariel Stuhlberg has an article on Vox, “Comcast CEO to customers: It’s not me, it’s you”.  That has to do with consumer complaints about hefty cable and Internet bills for some plans.  That is, there’s no way that “It’s Free” can work forever.

One problem is that simpler online streaming services cost less, and offer a lot of content.
Another is that in some markets, Comcast doesn’t have all channels that may preview less common or more niche-specific festival films, a problem I have run into.

Recently Comcast ungraded most home routers and modems with a self-install package.  It worked, although as usual, I had some problems in that the device did not behave exactly as described in the directions;  the whole procedure took about 90 minutes, including activation, that had several steps.  By the way, Kaspersky is still telling me that the router is not secure, but Apple is telling me that it meets the WPA2 standard, so I don’t know what the truth is yet.

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