Saturday, August 15, 2015

Comcast envisions a new streaming service, "Watchable".

Comcast is reported to be planning to develop a video platform called “Watchable” that will rival YouTube and Facebook.  It will partner with some innovative digital publishers, including Vox Media, for content, and the arrangement would save licensing costs.  Business Insider has a story here.
The platform would eventually require consumers switching cable boxes if they use "Internet TV", but some of it might be direct streaming.  But box-related content might be available only in areas serviced by Comcast (v Cox). 
It wasn’t clear yet whether “amateurs” would be able to post on the platform, or to what extent the platform could “replace” cable (Xfinity) rather than supplement it, or whether Comcast-Universal-NBC could sponsor more series in a manner similar to Netflix. Possibly, a platform like this could host a series like “Imajica” (Clive Barker’s big fantasy novel, said to be in development under Kevin Smith).


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