Monday, July 20, 2015

CU compares cable, fiber-optical, dish, Internet streaming services for most families

The Aug. 2015 issue of Consumer Reports has a valuable piece on p. 56, “How to win at TV”, comparing cable companies, direct TV and bundled Internet, link here
Direct TV may work better in areas subject to frequent storms, where maintaining a hard-wired connection is more labor intensive.
The report gives higher marks to some or regional local cable companies, like WOW in the Great Lakes states. Verizon FIOS does well, but Comcast XFinity got lower marks.
The report recognizes that many bundled services gives consumers many specialized channels they never watch.
It discusses Amazon Prime and Netflix streaming (both of which I have). They may not work as well if multiple streams run at the same time within a family.  It also notes that some major movies are not available for streaming or DVD for months, and some films disappear from streaming.  A large number of films can be rented legally on YouTube for $1.99 to $3.99.


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