Friday, April 24, 2015

Consumers shouldn't gloat over Comcast capitulation in Time Warner deal

Forbes, in an article by Antoinie Gara, says this morning that consumers should not gloat over the decision by Comcast to abandon its takeover of Time Warner, link here, apparently over fear of regulatory pressures given FCC signals. 
There are many basic news stories about the Comcast decision, like here.   Vox has a straightforward discussion of what was wrong with the deal here
At the same time, I personally see more Facebook posts from friends who want to pick and choose their programs without bundling, in many cases with Internet TV only.  I personally need to have access to everything right now, all the time, given my own “business model”.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Publication of FCC rules in Federal Register to happen soon.

The new rules for network neutrality promulgated by the Federal Communications Commission have nowbeen  sent to the Federal Register.  However, I found the proposed rule had already been published July 1, 2014,  “Promoting and Protecting the Open Internet”, here.  There is a Broadband Policy page where I would expect the latest updated publication to appear, here
The New York Times reported on the publication event in a story by Rebecca Ruiz, on Monday, p. A3, here. There is a history of how Tim We popularized the term “net neutrality”. 
Fierce Telecom (is this “Fierce Markets”, where I know some people?) says it takes some time for the formal republication, before trade groups will sue, link here. The new rules are based on the classification of telecomm companies as "utilities"..