Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Social media companies "free ride" on telecoms with messaging services

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that Mark Zuckberberg, who looks particularly physical and handsome in the story picture, is trying to mend relations will all the major telecom companies, who believe Facebook gets a free ride on their services.  Facebook and Google are end-rounding the telecom companies to send messages and make calls in an “it’s free” mode. 
Twitter and Facebook both offer direct message apps to contact other people “privately”, and in current situations, it may be more convenient to receive messages this way than through conventional texts or emails.  Often, a Facebook or Twitter ID is easier to get, especially for a celebrity.  Some younger celebrities seem to be approachable this way, and it seems to be better etiquette than other contact means.
I prefer getting tweets with an invitation to call, or getting direct cell calls with messages (my cell number is public, landline is not).  It seems easier this way to filter out the spam.  Maybe that’s what Facebook, Google+, Linked-In and Twitter count on. 

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