Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Local DC station offers advice on how to lower cable, Internet bills

WJLA7, ABC Affiliate in Washington DC (actually, Rosslyn in Arlington VA) aired a nice report last week on how existing cable customers can negotiate with their providers for lower rates on cable and high speed Internet, link here.
Rates tend to go up quickly for existing customers, especially those who want all the channels.  One technique is to ask to talk to the “retention” department. 
Some people give up cable entirely and rely on Internet streaming, but most television series distributors require you to log on to you cable account to watch their “free” series episodes.

Some people find satellite and Direct TV better.  In the past, it had a reputation of not being as reliable; that could have changed.  But you need good reception, and possibly the ability to climb onto a roof yourself to make repairs.  Some apartments might not allow it (on balconies).  Satellite as a big advantage in not requiring a land-wired connection that can be broken by storms and require waiting for company technicians to come and repair, with window appointments that require you to be home.  (But don’t put your dish where a tree branch could fall on it.) 

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