Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Washington Times maintains that FCC's net neutrality rules (TBA in February) will play favorites, especially with MPEG

The Washington Times, on Monday, not unpredictably (double negative!) criticized what it sees as FCC’s plan to impose “network neutrality” on its own, link here.    The title of the editorial “Blunting a radical agenda at the FCC: Congress can’t allow the commission to usurp congressional authority”.  It ties in to another op-ed column that I discussed yesterday on my main blog, claiming that the FEC was likely to try to start acting as “gatekeeper” for free political blogs, a possibility that was vetted ten years ago but that then the FEC backed down on, despite court sanctions that it could do so. 

TWT makes the valuable point that the FCC, despite its claim of neutrality, is still playing favorites, particularly for MPEG LA in Denver, which holds enormous licensing authority. I don’t recall seeing EFF mention this company. In the meantime, Comcast tells customers that it follows network neutrality, doesn't have paid fast lanes, and doesn't filter content.  

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