Thursday, January 15, 2015

GOP controlled Congress may become more amendable to Net Neutrality, preferring not to let FCC have too much power in other areas (like political content)

Two prominent Republicans (Senator John Thune, R-SD and Representative Red Upton (R-MI) are calling for bipartisan support of network neutrality, as in an op-ed in Reuters here that also addresses mobile broadband as well as ground. 
Tim Lee, of Vox, reported this development with a commentary noting that, while FCC can implement rules in February by reclassifying itself, it would be better for Congress to act, because the FCC could act in a number of other undesirable ways more connected to phone service in the past, link here.  One possibility, noted by the Washington Times recently (my main blog, Jan. 12) is the idea that the FCC could give into new political pressures associated with the FEC to regulate blogs with partisan political content. 

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