Saturday, January 03, 2015

FCC will go ahead with "stricter" net neutrality rules in February, but GOP-controlled Congress will contest it

Brian Fung reports in the Washington Post that the FCC will introduce and vote on its own “final” network neutrality rules in February.  The FCC is believed to be prepared to liberally interpret its regulatory power and will use Title II of the Telecommunications Act to treat ISP’s as “telephone companies”.  The link is here  for the story on p A16 in Economy and Business. 
But the GOP is likely to introduce legislation in Congress hindering such legislation and making it easier to ISP’s to maintain paid “fast lanes”. 

Think Progress has reported the story in social media as "The future of the Internet is on the line", here
My own experience with Xfinity is that Netflix downloads faster than either Amazon or YouTube.  Comcast offers a web tool to measure normal upload and download speed.    

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