Thursday, January 29, 2015

Big cities in South getting edge on ultra-high speed broadband

Vox Media reports that Google is bringing ultra-fast broadband to four more cities:  Raleigh-Durham (and probably UNC-Chapel Hill), Charlotte, Nashville, and Atlanta, in addition to Austin, TX, Kansas City, and Provo UT.  It’s interesting two of the cities are the two largest metros in North Carolina (because of the large number of tech companies and major server facilities) as well as two other big cities in the mid South.  I guess the Atlanta Braves will be back this year (a new stadium being built).
For someone like me, in the future, if I relocate, the availability of broadband if this quality is a consideration.  I have film scripts to develop and North Carolina is one of the most important centers of independent filmmaking.
Vox argues that companies like Verizon and Comcast-Time Warner need to get hustling (Vox uses the word "terrified"), and suggests they have been guilty of crony capitalism in the past.  But they could do the same thing in most other cities.  

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