Monday, October 20, 2014

I get a "settlement" from my telecomm provider, but it's not about cramming

I got a notice at my business address today from Verizon, about a tentative settlement of "Gordon v. Verizon Communications et al" in New York County (Manhattan).  I thought this must be about cramming, but I saw that it had to do with an acquisition problem that supposedly stiffed shareholders.   So I suppose I'll get a very small check for it.

But indeed, there are "cramming" lawsuits against T-Mobile (Time magazine) and ATT Landline (settled in late 2013) here.

In the meantime, my XFinity bill seems to grow all the time.  The Cable section, while it offers everything, is rather high.  I wonder what happens if all the major channels follow HBO with "Go" services.

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