Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Netflix, others plan to "pretend" to slowdown Sept. 10 to protest FCC proposals for a fast lane

Some major Internet companies, including Netflix and Reddit (and even Pornhub), will show “loading wheels” and give the appearance being on a slow lane (or not being on the fast lane, as a matter of logic) all day Thursday Sept. 10, to protest FCC plans to allow major providers to allow other big countries to pay for “fast lanes”.  EFF has a link for the story here. The demonstration seems less dramatic than the day that Wikipedia took itselfdown in 2012 to protest SOPA proposals. 
It appears that sites won’t actually load slower – that’s a bit unclear.  But maybe Sept. 10 one can just play a DVD rather than stream.  It’s always “go big or go home”.  

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