Monday, August 18, 2014

Telecomm companies don't walk away rich from faster express lanes

Telecommunications companies done't make the enormous profit margins from "monopoly" that social media and sometimes content companies make, according to Ev Ehrlich in an op-ed on p A15 of the Washington Post Monday, "The Net Neutrality Myth", link here. The online title gives a different flavor, "Internet policy shouldn't pit service providers against content providers".

I think his comment about working for Unysis back in 1989 is interesting.  Microsoft and Intel were making money on everybody else's decisions.  Before it had been IBM.

Remember that the tendency for there to be a few big winners is an outgrowth of the atmosphere in the world after the dot-com bust of 2001.  

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Is Comcast duplicitous with its claims of support of net neutrality?

Brian Fung has a long “Switch Blog” article in the Washington Post about Comcast’s claim that it supports network neutrality, with the basic link here.  Fung starts out by saying that Comcast doesn’t define what it means by net neutrality.  It needs to play ball to get its merger with Time Warner approved (Time Warner was my provider when I lived in Minneapolis).  It also had to agree to it for the deal with NBC-Universal.

Comcast had agreed to follow some pretty strict rules until 2018.  These include not cutting off access for a consumer to any site or significantly degrading it.  It’s not clear what happens after 2018. 
I noticed a Comcast ad claiming net neutrality on the Vox Media blog site this morning.
Fung also writes that Comcast is expanding its $10 a month program for low-income people, allowing unpaid bills in some cases, link here. It’s not clear good and stable this bare bones access is, or how much bandwidth it allows.