Thursday, May 08, 2014

The FCC has the power to change the Internet forever (but it says it doesn't)

Nilay Patel writes in Vox Media "This summer will change the Internet and media forever", with dire analysis of FCC proposals, in the light of recent Supreme Court decisions, to allow content companies like Netflix and Apple (for iTunes) to buy "fast lanes" from telecommunications providers, link here.

Patel discusses the Aereo case and its significance in some detail.  A ruling on Aereo is likely by June, slightly after the FCC announces its fast-lane rules.

My own take on Aereo is that the consumer benefits if it can get all content wirelessly, through the airwaves and without the necessary for a land wire connection.  That guarantees you could still get shows after a cable outage from a storm (I used it a week after the 2012 derecho; I had a generator that restored power immediately).  I thought I would throw that observation in.  I have a small antenna digital TV that gets used whenever there is an outage, but I can't get CNN or many other channels on it.  I could hook up the antenna to the plasma screen if I made the effort.  

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