Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Mozilla floats modified plan of pseudo-net neutrality to protect ordinary websites

Here’s a piece by Roy Fournier in the National Journal, “Net Neutrality’s Death Could Stir Populist Revolt: With echoes of the Gilded Age, Washington coddles moneyed, monopolist Internet barons”, link here

At the same time, the National Journal links to a PDF proposal by Mozilla, “Petition to recognize remote delivery services in terminating access networks and classify such services as telecommunications services under Title II of the Telecommunications Act”, link here. Mozilla wants Title II to apply to the relationship between websites and ISP’s, but not necessarily, in all cases, to the connection between consumers and ISP’s.  So charging major providers like Netflix for very fast lanes would sometimes be acceptable. 
Others say that the Mozilla proposal is a semantic game, and that it is not easier than reclassification of providers.

Some sort of neutrality protection of ordinary websites might be necessary to make shared hosting a viable business, with good customer service for websmasters, going forward.  

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