Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Major media sill against Comcast-Time Warner merger

The New York Times weighs in against the Comcast acquisition of Time Warner today, in an editorial with this link.  

The NYT makes the point that wireless can play video (after all, youtube videos play all right on the iPad – except when Shockwave is encoded) but quickly becomes prohibitively expensive.  But in theory that could be fixed.  The less dependence on hardwired infrastructure, the better.
The Times maintains that Comcast would be in a position to limit consumer access to competitors of NBC-Universal, which would sound like anti-trust-law violation.  The argument also reminds one of previous SEC rules preventing movie distributors from owning theater chains. 

The piece also notes that 64% of American homes have a choice between no more than two land broadband providers.  When I lived in Minneapolis, 1997-2003, Time Warner was the only cable provider.  

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