Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How much does the Aereo case matter to most consumers? Oral arguments today, some comments here

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Aereo case today.  Vox media has a series of panels explaining “everything you need to know”, so here it is.  ABC news has a discussion, too, here

I won’t repeat their explanation, but note some observations.  Would it be bad for me here in DC if Fox and CBS went off the air?  If they went off the air everywhere (which I doubt), yes.  I use airwaves as a backup when cable fails.  I was without cable a week after the derecho in 2012.  I’d like to be able to get CNN over the airwaves, too.
Aero’s legal reasoning is that it copies content only at the direction of users, who mix the content for themselves.  Vox points out that services like Amazon Cloud (which I use a lot to buy music and movies) could be in jeopardy if Aero loses.  I used Dropbox a lot in working with Xlibris in publishing my most recent book.  So this stuff seems to matter, maybe.  

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