Thursday, April 24, 2014

ATT wants to beat Google with its own super-broadband service in select pro-business cities.

AT&T has announced a plan to challenge Google with its own super high speed service, called “AT&T U-verse with GigaPower), in up to 100 metropolitan areas, according to a CNN story April 22, here

AT&T generally doesn’t have quite the 4G reach that Verizon does.  But the presence of super-high broadband, much of it in cities popular with tech companies like Austin, TX or the Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte areas in North Carolina, would be a boon to certain kinds of industry, ranging from finance to film.
In fact, if I relocate at some point in the future to get my own DADT books into film (an idea I am contemplating), the presence of super broadband could well affect my choice of location.
Time threw a little cold water on the plan in its article about “smothering” Google here

At the same time, there have been articles about the unwillingness of telecomm companies to provide good broadband in more remote areas, or areas with fewer business connections.  

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