Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Netflix experiencing slowdowns over paying Verizon for more infrastructure bandwidth

The Wall Street Journal is reporting, in a story by Drew Fitzgerald and Shalani Ramachandrin, that Netflix is experiencing slowdowns (that must mean, Netflix users are experiencing them), particularly when connection through Verizon, because Netflix doesn’t want to pay for its use of infrastructure upgrades/ The story is here.

The problem as crept up as the volume of online viewing of films replaces handling DVD’s.
I use Comcast Xfinity.  I last used Netflix Monday night for an 82-minute film and did not notice any issues. 
But I have also used YouTube rentals, private Vimeo, and Amazon.  I’m a little more likekly to experience stalls with YouTube in my own experience.  Sometimes major film festivals (Tribeca) set up channels to rent viewings of festival films on YouTube.  Most film distributors use private Vimeo for private screeners now, rather than sending DVD’s. 
Picture: Landmark Theaters, Harbor East in Baltimore.  

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