Sunday, February 23, 2014

Netflix-Comcast "deal" seen as marking the end of net neutrality

Today, I got a tweet about a Wall Street Journal article reporting on a deal between Comcast and Netflix. The poster said, “The Internet was nice while it lasted,” story on The Verge, link here.  The discussion gets into the operation of what sounds like a secondary reseller, Cogent, which could get squeezed out.       

Timothy B. Lee, on his Switch Blog for the Washington Post, explains the significance of the Comcast-Netflix deal as it’s creating almost a separate Internet.  With a few big companies controlling everything, that’s what you’ll get, a few big setups.  There is no practical way for the FCC to stop it; only the SEC and DOJ can apply anti-trust laws in regulating mergers, which might work against the proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable by Comcast.  Tim’s article is called “Comcast’s deal with Netflix makes network neutrality obsolete”, link (website url) here

Remember the dot-com bubble and crash?  (It was silly that in 1999 ReliaStar CEO John Turner told employers, before the ING acquisition, that it was too bad that the company wasn't a "Dot Com".   It was only the big and powerful that emerged as real players.  

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