Thursday, February 20, 2014

FCC gets ready for its new round of pseudo-rules

Major media sources that the FCC is preparing to issue "Open Internet" rules under Section 706, despite the recent federal circuit appeals court ruling that said that it could not reclassify telecomm companies to regulate them.  Edward Wyatt has a typical article in the New York Times here.

Apparently the FCC might have residual ability to reclassify telecommunications companies if they do not comply pseudo-voluntarily.

The FCC does not want companies like Verizon to give big companies like Amazon or Netflix faster bandwidth when they pay more if it slows smaller companies down.  However, larger companies have been quite aggressive in encouraging independent media producers to develop cbannels or groups on their sites, effectively giving them the same access to high speed for their customers as established media companies.  At least, that what the telecomm companies argue.

The FCC also wants to stop states from preventing communities from developing their own broadband companies or operations.  

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