Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Verizon-Motorola mean it when they tell you to upgrade your smartphone operating system (in the bathroom, NOW!)

Here's another annoyance. My Motorola Droid (with Verizon) kept on prompting me to upgrade the operating system.  I was on a trip and could not take the time or endure the possible disruption.

Then, as I came home on the train, the Internet connection failed completely.  Performing the update this morning fixed the problem (or was it merely shutting if off and back on, clearing memory?)

Probably Verizon had made some server changes that required users to have the new updates to access the Internet.  The interruption to do updates when busy can become a problem.

The contract ends in mid February.  I see T-mobile's offer, but I have to keep my hot spot capabilities going. I also notice that Sprint and ATT seem to have better coverage in rural areas, especially West Virginia. What are the ramifications of a change for my phone and my use of the iPad as a hotspot?

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