Thursday, January 30, 2014

Petition to restore network neutrality delivered to FCC today

I did sign a petition to restore Network Neutrality that came to me by email from the ACLU.  It was apparently organized by the Free Press Coalition, which delivered the petition to the Federal Communications Commission today with over one million signatures, as in its story here. The ACLU never informed us of the time the petitions would be delivered.. 

I apparently got there too late to see the protesters.  The FCC building is in SW Washington DC, on 12th St., below Independence Ave. and the Smithsonian Metro Station.  I found two men on bicycles who were also too late.
Across 12th Street there is the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, which has been involved in some domain seizures because of the supposed piracy of some members, as I covered on my main blog back in 2011.  Oddly, on the East side of the street, the addresses are in the 500 block, but the FCC is in the 400 block.  ICE was actually a good source of contract mainframe programming jobs in the 1990s and probably since then;  I know a couple people who worked there as contractors for a while.

Some critics say that the FCC has regulated bandwidth in such a way as to make ICE seizures easier.
The FCC had an open commission meeting today, as it often does, and you can follow the video here

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