Monday, January 27, 2014

Online Publishers Association presents varies opinions on Net Neutrality opinion

The Online Publishers’ Association has forwarded an email summarizing its take on the significance of the DC Appeal’s court’s recent ruling against the FCC’s network neutrality policy.

Free Press seems to indicate that the FCC has the authority to go back and reclassify some telecommunications companies as common carriers and re-implement its rules, as in this discussion here
Ad-age has an equivocal analysis of how advertisers are likely to behave, and why they will both survive an environment without net neutrality but should support it anyway, link here.  The problem here is that it seems that specific sponsors, often big companies, would wind up sponsoring many big popular sites with small fry (the article talks about Hulu.  But would big advertisers pony up funds to make YouTube, Amazon, Vimeo, etc. content load faster, maybe even Blogger or Wordpress?  How would this work and why?
I fear that “objectivity” is very much at risk.  

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